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IMRF - International Multidisciplinary Research Foundation, India one of the world’s leading research organizations, popularly known across the global frontiers of the realm of education and research is an academic and research prefecture prestigiously borne as an entity of government registered International Multidisciplinary Research Foundation, with its HQ at Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India and marking its presence in the form of Academic Chapters in more than 50 Countries. IMRF is ranked to be in the forefront in the promotion of education with cutting edge interest, active action research and service with a smile to human concerns performing the way it believes in for a better world .

The IMRF Journals emanated from the IMRF are proudly declared to be Free Journals (No Publication Costs) are strictly committed to publish blind peer reviewed original research articles treating modern research sciences and with its manifold applications, in relation to all the fields of study on a par with the international standards in respective journals in vogue of course, as an integral part of its functioning every year.

Having been backed up by the committed academic assemblage, the IMRF Journals are in Print & Online mode to accomplish exquisite academic and research fervor are carrying out an important stake in research communication process, with a mission to witness a pious scholastic pedestal of highly constructive research articles .

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Dr.Ratnakar D Bala

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+91 9533421234

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IMRF, # 1-90, Near VTPS Main Gate, Ibrahimpatnam Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India. 521456

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Since we are working on a project for 'Mega Research Library' which will offer open access, we request you all to contribute by sending your old research Papers, Publications, Journals, Books etc. Philanthropy is encouraged and one can contact Chief Editor / Admin to contribute any sort in memory / in reverence / in thanksgiving to name each wing on their respective memorials.


The authors are solely responsible for the contents of the papers compiled in each volume. The Publishers or Editors do not take any responsibility for the same in any manner. Errors, if any, are purely unintentional and readers are requested to communicate such errors to the Editors or Publishers to avoid discrepancies in future.